• How to Lose 10 Pounds Of Baby Weight

    You’ll notice some pounds will melt off, but other areas of your body are stubborn and stick with you weeks or even months after giving birth. Here are some tips and strategies to help new mothers get the exercise they need to slim down.

  • 10 Creative Punishments For Children

    When you discipline your children, it can sometimes hurt. You don’t want your kid to feel bad, and you feel bad giving them punishments. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Taking a punishment or chore and making it an activity can help them focus on creating something positive.

  • $1 Finds That Will Keep Your Kids Entertained All Season

    We all know that it can be extremely expensive buying something for kids that they might only play with for a few hours, so we’ve pulled together 10 awesome things you can do over and over again with your children that will come up with something different in the end, that they can use even after they’re done decorating, coloring, or filling it up.