He Found A Hidden Room In This Old Attic, But He Wasn’t Ready For What Was Inside


Source: Daily Mail

Rudi Schlattner fled his home in Czechoslovakia after World War II. They were forced to leave their home behind and start over. Now in his 80s, he has finally returned home for the first time in decades and found a hidden treasure in the attic of his old home.

“My father built the villa in 1928 and 1929. He always thought that one day we would return and get it back.”

Schlattner Notices Something


Source: Daily Mail

Schlattner and his family enter the attic and find something that was thought to be long lost.

Only Someone Who Lived In The House Would Have Known…


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He remembered a secret cabinet door  with a string attached to it that no one noticed for decades.

Roof Packed With Packages


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Behind the hidden door was a treasure trove of items his family had left behind.

They Hit The Motherlode


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When they took everything out of the tiny crawl space they found a huge bounty of long lost items Schlattner thought he’d never see again.


Source: Daily Mail

Employees from the museum in Usti nad Labem helped go through everything Schlattner had uncovered.

Childhood Toys That Were Left Behind


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Some things were just old junk.

Invaluable Insight To The Family Life In The 1940s


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But to Schlattner everything had a story and a memory to it…

Everything Needed To Be Added To The Inventory


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Tomas Okura was a museum employee. “We were surprised that so many ordinary things were hidden there.”

Old Clothes Were Tracked And Labeled


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These items had very high historical value.

Old Books That Were Long Lost


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Everything needed to be looked at and they made sure not to damage any of the precious items.

When Suddenly…


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They find something else hidden in the corner.

Artworks Worth A Fortune


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They discovered old paintings that were kept in perfect condition that needed to be appraised.

Everything Has Significant Historical Value


Source: Daily Mail

Many of these objects were sent to the Czech government. It’s surprising what he found in his old home. Makes you wonder what might be hiding in your attic.