Sexual Predators And Child Abductions: How To Prepare Your Family


Source: Shutterstock / mdurson

How often do you tell your children not to talk to strangers? You may be sure that they’ll run away from a random man trying to get too close to them but you may be dead wrong.

In a video by Joey Salads, he asks the children’s parents if he can do a social experiment and lure their children away from them. Many of the parents are more than sure that their kids will run back to the safety of their parents, but many of the kids walk away holding hands with the man they don’t know.

Sexual predators love to use the stereotypes and misconceptions we have of them to make it easier to target your children. In the video, he uses a puppy to lure his targets away. This is just one of many different ways that sexual predators and child abductors kidnap children. Even the nicest and people can have the evilest intentions.

According to the FBI in 2015 alone there were 460,699 entries for missing children.

Here are stereotypes and warnings you need to be aware of to protect your children from sexual predators.